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By harnessing the three essential elements of an effective social campaign - a solid marketing strategy, evergreen content and calls to action - you could become the leading business in your industry, attracting the very best clients to your door, right when they're ready to buy. 

Let me help you get started ...

What would happen to your business if EVERY TIME your phone rang or ...

your pocket beeped from an app notification, or

your ​email pinged and ...

every time your office door opened someone would be there - and they'd be READY TO BUY?

Let us help you make "LEADS, SALES and CLIENTS from Facebook" a reality ...

Did you know that there are over ...

1650000000 active monthly users on Facebook

Yes. That's 1.65 BILLION Facebook users ...

... and that number is climbing at an astounding rate of over 15% each year. 

So what does this mean for you and YOUR BUSINESS? 

In case you had any doubts, Facebook is too big to ignore.

You can find and attract more ideal clients to your business from Facebook.

Easily and simply. 

Your future clients and customers are already on Facebook. Hanging out.

Some have clicked the LIKE button to become fans. 

Others haven't heard of you YET...

Join in the conversation.​

Leads To Clients - Facebook Marketing Albury

Let us put your business in front of your FUTURE CLIENTS... just as they're ready to BUY!

Done For You Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ad Campaign Critiques

Done For You Facebook Post Management

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Success Stories from our clients...

Merry + Peter Jeffrey
Snowy River Camp

I’d like to introduce you to Fiona Fell from Leads To Clients. Who is she? I think just the greatest online marketing guru ever! If you are interested in blogging or social media then this is the gal you need. Fiona is helping us with our Facebook page, I’ve always disliked doing Facebook and I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes but Fiona is very understanding, helpful AND a fabulous teacher. Yes, easy to understand and patient. Facebook is slowly becoming a pleasure rather than a burden. Fiona is a wiz at all things to do with online marketing, and that knowledge comes into play with even one social media platform such as Facebook.

We have had the privilege of face-to-face one on one sessions with Fiona’s talents, we highly recommend this option as she is such a fountain of information (take a notebook, no one could remember all Fiona’s knowledge!) We’ve been muddling along for ages but Fiona’s marketing strategies are making things happen. Showing us how to target markets was so important.

She is easy to get in touch with and quick to reply. And different. Not sure how to define that but I think she cares about our business. I can see a lasting friendship here even though we are new clients. Just friendly and super knowledgeable on all things to do with the world wide web. Finding someone who is naturally gifted at teaching is rare. If you want more business - go for it. Give Fiona a ring.

Merry and Peter Jeffrey
Owner and hosts, Snowy River Camp - Adventure Centre

*Individual results may vary from person to person

Fiona Fell from Leads To Clients critiqued our new company websites - before we made them live - to ensure they had maximum impact for our business. Fiona is a true specialist who 'keeps it real' when working with your business' online strategies.

Fiona is definitely the one to work with if you want to improve how your customers will engage with your site - whether they're coming directly from Google, or from somewhere social like Facebook.

She showed me some simple adjustments, design and layout moves and tricks that really made a difference in terms of our conversion rate from visitors to leads.

Fiona is a millennial marketing guru. I highly recommend working with Leads to Clients.

Laura Chanter
Service and Development Manager, Twin City Roller Doors (The Tracey Group Pty Ltd)

*Individual results may vary from person to person

Laura Chanter
Twin City Roller Doors
Stephen Mamouney
BMG Partners

The Albury Wodonga Big Splash owes it's​ ​success to the members of our ​local ​community. When we began planning we wanted to recruit the support of ​Albury Wodonga ​businesses that not only had a connection with our cause, they were also​ ​outstanding in their area of specialisation.

Who better to run a swimming relay carnival, than a swimming club, likewise who better to set up our online presence, develop our digital marketing plan, and manage our social media​ ​marketing than Leads To Clients!

We've had over 120 teams, more than 500 participants, and a growing number of supporters help us raise a total of $52,500 for local charities and mental health services.

​Fiona ​Fell ​was instrumental in assisting the committee ​to ​get our message out​ into the spotlight​ and encouraging the community to participate in the Big Splash.”

Stephen Mamouney
CEO of BMP Partners and head of the Albury Wodonga Big Splash organising committee

*Individual results may vary from person to person

ATS Partners decided in 2015 to re-brand our outdated website and start using our social media profiles. Our previous web design firm was in Melbourne and for many reasons we chose to explore our options locally this time when seeking an online marketing expert.

Fiona Fell of Leads to Clients was the perfect fit for our team. We partnered with her for the support and guidance that we knew we needed as we embarked on our re-branding journey.

Fiona is easy to speak to and explains all the internet jargon in a way that is easily understood. She is great to work with and extremely patient which makes learning from her a rewarding experience. Fiona has years of experience in social media and her training and support have been invaluable in allowing us to start our social media journey.

Fiona is local and a member of the Women in Chamber committee which shows – something we at ATS Partners feel strongly about. ATS Partners would recommend Fiona and Leads to Clients to any business who is looking to make their social media presence known.

Anissa Dorman
Manager, Business and Taxation Services, ATS Partners

*Individual results may vary from person to person

Anissa Dorman
ATS Partners
Cheryl Tomlinson
Nue Clean

Before my coaching session with Fiona - to help me understand Facebook advertising - I was extremely daunted by the process, as social media advertising was new to me, however, Fiona made it so simple to understand.

Fiona went through everything step by step and explained what each option and field meant in a manner that I was able to understand. Fiona also helped me focus and narrow down my target market while showing me how Facebook helps you do this.

Not only did Fiona show me how to create an ad but also demonstrated to me how Facebook Ads work and how different targeting options will give you different results. I would recommend anyone who wants to get better results from their Facebook ads to contact Fiona Fell for Leads to Clients.  She's not only a great source of information but also for her patience and understanding of your individual business needs.

Cheryl Tomlinson
Albury Wodonga Nue Clean Distributor

*Individual results may vary from person to person

Fiona Fell is a book of knowledge. I wasn't ready for the information overload that was unleashed on me at our first and second meetings.

She has given me a greater understanding of how social media works and which platform is best suited to my business. I look forward to working further with Fiona with my lead generation and SEO website work!

Rebecca O'Brien
Founder & Creative Director, BRIE Corporate

*Individual results may vary from person to person

Rebecca O'Brien
BRIE Corporate
Natasha Smith
Travel Writer

I was trying to get my website and social media going and I kept running into a few problems. I thought I was almost there but there were so many small glitches that seem to completely stop me dead in my tracks.

Since getting help from Fiona I have these issues now sorted. Wahoo! Thank you Fiona!

Fiona has been awesome and an absolute pleasure to deal with, making me life so much easier, so I can get on with what I need to be doing.

I'm keeping her details on hand, as I know I'll need her help again soon.

Natasha Smith
Travel Writer, A Rolling Stone

*Individual results may vary from person to person

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