7 Minute Introduction To Facebook Ads for Business

Fiona Fell - Facebook Marketing Professional - Albury Wodonga

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Facebook has been proving itself recently as be one of the most effective online advertising channels for local businesses who want to get more exposure, clicks, leads and sales online.

And seeing as though you can spend as little as $5 a day on Facebook ads and see significant results - it deserves a deeper look.

Sounds great, right!

Small spend. Big returns.

Let’s dig a little deeper and spend some time together now - 7 minutes in fact - looking behind the curtain and discovering just how Facebook ads could work for your business.

First things first:

Why use Facebook ads?

Facebook Advertising is by far one of the most effective advertising tools out there to grow your business, create a community or following, and generate more leads and sales.

And that’s where the rubber meets the road right?

...when we find a way to have our Facebook posts generate measurable and tangible results like revenue.

(Likes and comments are great, but sales and revenue at the lifeblood of your business)

With over 3 million businesses advertising on Facebook, there’s never been a better time to start than now.

Especially if you want to influence, or perhaps event control, the future success of your business.

Here are just a few reasons why Facebook Advertising is hugely exciting for local businesses:

  • Audience Size: Facebook now claims to have over 1.13 billion daily active users on the site – 1.03 billion of which access the social network via mobile devices. Some of these people need your help.
  • Attention: People spend a lot of time on the suite of Facebook sites. Their average user spends about 50 minutes just on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger every day.
  • Organic Reach Decline: Organic reach (the amount of people seeing your normal posts) on Facebook has been in decline for a few years now and has almost hit zero. If you want to break through now, Facebook is pretty much a "pay-to-play" world.
  • Targeting: The targeting options within Facebook Ads are incredible. You can target users with by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behaviour, and much more.

Yep, it’s now time for the Pros and Cons.

​Before we get too deep into the screenshots, steps and instructions, which will all be showing up in future tutorial posts, I wanted to share this short list of pros and cons which has been helpful in supporting my clients when they're deciding how to pursue Facebook Ads.

It's no longer a question about whether they should, but instead we're having the discussion  about HOW they can make this platform work - to suit their business, to suit their goals, and to match their future clients behaviour patterns

It's no longer a question about whether they should, but instead we're having the discussion  about HOW they can make this platform work - to suit their business, to suit their goals, and to match their future clients behaviour patterns.


  • Ads, campaigns and trends are super easy to keep track of over time
  • You can trigger an immediate influx of traffic to your website or your campaigns' landing page
  • You have complete control over your daily budget and maximum cost-per-click - so you effectively protect yourself from sticker shock when the charges hit your credit card
  • It’s possible to see an instant return on your investment (This is even easier when you define a cost per conversion and once you understand what your profit margins are)
  • There are a MASSIVE range of targeting options, including, towns, regions, age, likes/interests, income bracket, and other demographics
  • Facebook ads are so much easier to set up than Google AdWords. You don’t need to be an ad geek to get started.
  • You can reach people early on in the buying process, even before they’re aware of their needs, while capturing those who are aware of the need in a more subtle way
  • You can tap into the power of images and videos to capture the interest of your target market, helping you to get their attention faster
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) is relatively cheap, depending on your industry and audience targeting (Some have found averages of no more than $0.61 per click)​


  • If set up or managed incorrectly, it can be costly to leave things just running on auto-pilot for long stretches, but less dangerous in that regard than Google AdWords
  • Depending on your target market, the majority of the ‘billions of users’ audience can be irrelevant (More targeted audiences are needed if your business only serves or supplies your products and services to one town)
  • There is no option to target your ads at certain times within the day or on certain days of the week - unless you choose a lifetime budget
  • FB ads are most suitable for those operating in B2C markets, and can be more challenging - or require more strategic thinking when looking at advertising for service professionals
  • Reaching people too early in the buying cycle could potentially reduce your short term goals and conversion rate

Getting started (if it’s your first time)

I think we’re getting pretty close to our 7 minute deadline, so I want to finish things off with a quick sneak peek at the Facebook Ad Manager dashboard.


Setting up and managing ads is often best done from a computer rather than a mobile device as the FB tablet and phone apps may not have many of the options I’m about to show you.

In order to create your first - or your next! - ad campaign, you'll head over to https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager or click the dropdown arrow in the upper-right corner of Facebook and choose “Create Ads” from the drop-down menu that appears.

Facebook Advertising - Mange Ads

Here is the moment - the exact screen - that stops many people dead in their tracks.

Here's where you land if you haven't yet run an ad. ​

Faced with all of the options that send heads spinning out of control.

Here you're looking at the first of the numerous campaign options that you can choose from in order to promote your business on Facebook.​

Facebook Advertising - Facebook Ad Manager

So let's take a quick look at all the paths you could walk down when you kick off a Facebook ad campaign. 

We have...​


  • Boost your posts
  • Promote your Page
  • Reach people near your business
  • Increase brand awareness


  • Send people to your website
  • Get installs of your app
  • Raise attendance at your event
  • Get video views
  • Collect leads for your business


  • Increase conversion on your website
  • Increase engagement in your app
  • Get people to claim your offer
  • Promote a product catalog
  • Get people to visit your stores

"So what do I do with ALL of these OPTIONS?"

So if you haven't fallen off your chair from shock, rest assured in the knowledge that you've seen it now...

The full list of ad types that you COULD use.

So where do you start...

For now, you don't.

I'll help you take the next few steps under my guidance.​

Throughout my upcoming blog posts I’ll walk you through each of these ad types individually, so I can share with you the best uses, examples and scenarios in which to use each style of ad and how to measure your campaigns' success.

Until then - do you have any Facebook questions that I can help you with?

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