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In our last post we broke down some of the reasons why we should start taking Facebook ads more seriously when it comes to attracting leads and sales in our businesses. If you haven’t read that yet, you can catch up here.

But right now I want to walk you through the different AWARENESS types of ad campaigns that you can run in order to find people who need to be in your world but don’t know you exist yet. And how we can set up each type of ad to help your business thrive within the Facebook platform.

Let’s start with a quick explanation of how to get started with your advertising adventures...​

How to Start Your Advertising Campaign

When you go to create a new ad, by clicking the green button on your ads dashboard, here …

Facebook Advertising - Create Ad

… you’ll be faced with the option to choose from these different options, all of which have a unique focus for growing your business or your business’ Facebook page.

The general setup for each campaign is pretty similar in this one way.

You’ll go from choosing the type of ad (the objective), to then choosing the audience and then be followed by the budget (the ad set), and finally making the ad itself (the ad).

The short cut sequence is …


So let’s take a look at each campaign type and see what goal they each have and the role they might play in your business…

Let’s Start With the AWARENESS column

  • Boost Your Posts
  • Promote Your Page
  • Reach People Near Your Business AND
  • Increase Brand Awareness
Facebook Advertising - Facebook Ad Manager

CAMPAIGN: Boost Your Posts

The main goal of a boosted post ad campaign is to get your current Facebook page updates to reach more people.

Think of it this way. Not everyone is online just at the moment you send an update out to the world, so this gives your post a little longer to reach a bigger audience. It acts a little like reruns on TV. They may not have seen it the first time, but they’ll catch an encore or a rerun and still see your message.

You can choose to target your boosted post to a range of people…​

  • Your current FB fans - folks who already know you exist and love you, but aren’t seeing your stuff as much as you’d like them to
  • The friends of your FB fans - people who are Facebook friends with the fans of your page, people who you think might also like to hear from you, because their friends like you, right?
  • OR people who aren’t yet at all connected to your page directly, or fans of your page - these are digital strangers, that you think might like to connect with you and invite your into their world on Facebook

Depending on the type of post that you’re boosting you could use each of these audiences to boost your results.

This campaign would show your ad to more and more people with the goal to drive up engagement activity. Likes, reactions, comments and shares.

​It be be the kickstart the fires up a great socially viral spread.

Think of it like tinder when starter a fire.

You put your post out there as a spark, and it needs a little help to get to it’s full potential.​

​Boosting a post it just that. A push int he right direction.

Consider using it next time when you have something you want more of your Facebook community to see.

Action orientated posts and updates work well with a Boost to get them moving. If you want people from Facebook to do something with your post inside the Facebook world. A boost can help you out. Get more LIKES, COMMENTS, SHARES. That type of activity is ready and waiting for a boost.

If you want people to head away from Facebook some different campaign types can help you out. (We’ll look at some of those next time when we look at Consideration and Conversion campaigns)

Next lets look at…

CAMPAIGN: Promote Your Page

This time we’re looking to promote our entire page, rather than a single post.

We’re now looking for people outside of our current community who might like to join us.​

They could have friends that know about your business, or they could be complete strangers. We’re now putting your business page in front of people and asking them to LIKE the page to invite your messages into their news feed.

Our main goal is to build up our community on Facebook.

Give your LIKE count a bit of a boost, kick start your community, and grow your tribe.

When advertising for something as impersonal and distant as a LIKE take care when it comes to targeting your ad.

If your business sells car parts, and your don’t direct your ad towards people who have an interest in cars, DIY projects, or TV shows about racing - you could be paying for people to see it, who would never in a million years click the LIKE button to hear more from you.

Knowing who you want to attract is key*.

*actually that’s important ALL the time, but even more so when paying for advertising online.

There are so many targeting options that I’ll address them in a seperate post, but for now, know that you can choose just who sees your promotion. And you can select that audience with such granularity that you’d simply be wasting your money if you didn’t take advantage of these options.

I’m often asked if pages likes is something that matters, and to that I have two answers.

  1. It doesn’t matter nearly as much as getting leads and sales - as those things are the life blood of your business, however…
  2. If no one is seeing your posts there is little chance of you converting someone into a lead or a client.

Going for numbers at first makes more sense. Then we go for results. Accountable, measurable business results.

Build a community of people, targeted people, from which you can fish.

Online marketing is a lot like fishing.

You can turn up at a lake with a fishing pole and hope. And do OK.

But if you turn up at the same lake, after doing a little research, with burley, bait, and one of those fish finder thingies, you’ll do a darn sight better at catching ’the big one'.

Build yourself a community on Facebook to make sure that you’re hanging out where there is a hungry school of fish - ready to take a big bite out of whatever offer you present to them.

So for now, let’s keep the Page LIKES focus of the ‘promote your page’ campaigns with the purpose of building a foundation to your crowd.

Build your following of people eager to hear from you so that you have a group of people you can ask things of when it comes to lead generation and selling goals.

Next let’s tackle the micro level local advertising option.

CAMPAIGN: Reach People near your business

Here we have the perfect option for those businesses that have spontaneous visits from the public. Cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues and the like. If that sounds like your business take a look at how closely you can target people near your venue, store, office or workshop.

Facebook will let you put your business in front of people who are within 1 mile (1.6 kms) of your chosen address.

Facebook Advertising - Local Ad  Distance

So if people are likely to pop it to your business, and could be nearby enough - and bored enough - to be on their phones checking in with their Facebook news feed, you could be getting in front of them just as their about the decide on something to do.

Running a lunch special on Tuesdays and want to fill a few more tables, run a campaign to get a few more people to join you from nearby. Maybe you could entice someone to try your meals instead of sticking to their routine of hitting up their regular spot for lunch - maybe they would bring a friend or two along.

Just opened up and starting out? Want to fill your table? Want people to enjoy your alfresco dining area? want to skyrocket your popularity? A local advert could get a few more diners or coffee fans into your cafe - right now.

Running a community event and want a few more attendees? Maybe their on their phones in a nearby cafe, waiting for something an idea of what they can do next - maybe all their waiting for is an idea to pop up in their lives? They may want to wander through your market event, or drop by your gallery opening, or attend your community picnic by the river.

If your business can handle walk in clients, customers or guests - it may be worth a try to catch them just as their traveling by - and let them decide to pop in.

Perfect for businesses with a shop front, where no bookings or appointments are required. Walk in barbers, coffee venues, and entertainment venues - take a serious look at this campaign type for your next promotion.

Get creative. Find a way to take advantage of the spontaneous decision makers.

And now we have one final ‘awareness’ campaign type to cover today. Let’s look at that now…

CAMPAIGN: Increase brand awareness

This one is a challenge for my brain to understand. I’m wired to want to measure results, tangible results. Clicks, comments - ACTIONS!

This ad type is a little bit different.

This one targets people who are more likely to ‘pay attention’ to your ads and become aware of your brand. It’s a little like TV commercials in that way. You get to put your name out there, but beyond awareness and a presence there is not much of a tangible goal.

I often advise against using this campaign type for small businesses where every dollar must be accounted for, but if you have a bigger plan to get famous in your area or in front of your audience, then it could be worth trying it out.

In fact it is great for that. If you want to appear to be everywhere in the world for your audience, that campaign type can help you out.

If your business would thrive if only more people know you existed, try running a brand awareness ad. See how it works for you.

All of these campaigns yes allow for audience targeting, so you can choose who sees your ad to refine your focus to get in front of the perfect potential client or customer. Don’t waste your dollars, but if famous is a part of your strategy online, dig a little deeper into the potential of this campaign type during your advertising journey.

​Where to next from here?

So what ides are floating in your head right now?

How can you get more people to know about you and your business?

How can more conversations started?

How can you connect and grow your community?​

Next we’ll be covering the Consideration styles of campaigns, and then the conversion campaigns. Before we’re done you’ll know exactly which type to choose for your immediate and future business goals.

If you have a question, or want to share your Facebook advertising story, comment below and join the conversation.​

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